The progress room is where you can check your progress.


It's a room full of computers. The big one in the center tracks the percentage. It shows the number with a bar. In the far right is how many Gold Bricks the player has. On the far left is the Minikit counter. Next to it is the True Collector counter. The Red Brick counter is next to the Gold Bricks. Between the counters for Minikits and True Collector, is the door to the Minikits, which can only be unlocked by an Astromech droid such as R2-D2. A door between the percentage and the Red Bricks can be unlocked by a protocol such as C-3PO, which leads to the Load/Save Room. In the far left behind the minikits is the door back to the Main Room


  • Main Room (Unlocked from the start)
  • Load/Save Room (Unlocked from the start)
  • Minikits (Unlocked when you collect at least one Minikit Canister in the game.)